Day 1 | Legs and Abs Workout | Kris Gethin’s 12-Week Muscle-Building Trainer

Kris Gethin’s muscle-building program starts with a bang: a hardcore Y3T leg workout. Don’t expect to take it easy. Don’t expect to start slow. Expect to train with focus, ferocity, and purpose.
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Today, you’ll head to Elixir Fitness in Mumbai, India, for the first time and begin your 12-week journey toward building a leaner, more muscular you. You’ll see Kris train with deadly intent, and you should follow suit.

This week, you and Kris will take on the first week of Neil Hill’s Y3T training program. These workouts are built primarily on compound lifts to prepare your muscles, tendons, and joints for a series of intense isolation exercises coming at you over the next two weeks.

Kris will walk you through the workout and the meals and supplements you’ll need for the day. Follow what he says and you’ll have no choice but to succeed!

| Rebuild Yourself Stronger Than Ever |
Your mission is to annihilate the old you and stimulate all the mechanisms that will grow the new you. Type 1, type 2a, type 2b—no muscle fiber will be spared. Day by grueling day, you’ll exhaust each of your body’s energy systems, leaving you with the only energy source that truly matters: your will. What you know about concepts like training intensity and volume will be challenged, cast aside, and redefined.

| Expert Instruction: Train, Travel, and Grow with Gethin |
Kris Gethin inflicted this plan on himself while living in India. Prepare yourself for 84 daily videos, epic workouts, and Gethin at his most intense and personal as you follow him into the gym and through the streets of Mumbai.

| Nutrition and Supplement Plan |
Fuel your fitness every day with a timeless Kris Gethin nutrition plan built on ample protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats, clearly laid out in an in-depth guide and video feature. Eat clean, eat big, and grow like crazy!

| Meet Your Coach: Kris Gethin |
Kris is a business man, transformation specialist, and much, much more. Kris is originally from Wales in the UK, but now spends the majority of his time in the United States.

Kris’ hectic schedule sees him travelling the globe hosting seminars, workshops, and exhibitions at several bodybuilding and fitness events throughout the year. He works with and trains the best of the best, passing on his knowledge and techniques to his fans, followers, and subscribers.

His passion and determination for building a better, stronger, healthier body and mind pushes him to achieve great things for himself physically and mentally, thus enabling him to motivate and inspire his followers and fans across the world to achieve greatness for themselves. Kris has transformed millions of physiques through his immensely popular video series shown on, including the immensely popular 12-Week Muscle-Building Trainer and the intense 4Weeks2Shred program.

He is the author of many books including the best-seller “Body by Design,” “The Adventures of KAGED MUSCLE,” and “The Transformer” which was released in January 2016. Kris’ books and graphic novels have received global praise and have helped and inspired millions of readers.

Kris is the founder of the DTP training method, director and co-founder of Gethin Gyms, and former editor-in-chief of He is the Director of Trainers for Physique Global and CEO of the supplement brand KAGED MUSCLE which ships worldwide and is one of the highest rated and reviewed supplement companies in the world.


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