Food and nutrition tips for chess players – Krushmi Chheda

Krushmi Chheda is a sports scientist, nutritionist and a fitness expert. She was invited at the World Youth Championships 2019 to speak about the importance of nutrition and food for chess players. Nearly 100 people attended the workshop in which Krushmi spoke about how good food habits and right food intake can help to enhance the performance of a sports player.

The entire talk by Krushmi as well as the Q&A session has been recorded by ChessBase India for you to learn from the expert on this important subject. These talks are a part of the World Youth Chess Championships to spread awareness about fitness, nutrition, psychology, mind training which has been hitherto ignored by chess community. The speakers to these talks have been arranged by ChessBase India.

For all those who would like to get in touch with Krushmi can do so at +917045663991

Video: ChessBase India

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